Hey there!  I’m Gene.

I’m here to help you become a better marketer by being a better leader. Sound good? Connect with me then by filling out the contact form petrovlmc.com/contact

Here’s a quick summary of my experience and education:

  • The last 2.5 years building a brand on social media that connects leadership and marketing
  • Over 21 years of leadership experience
  • BS and MS in Management from the University of Maryland University College
  • Seven years of leadership roles in the US Air Force with teams ranging in size up to fifteen
  • Three years in corporate America leading a team of twenty-four people (seven direct reports) over a wide geography
  • Three years in a mom and pop bakery supervising a small team of two to four bakers

On a personal note, I am a first-generation American and the firstborn son of a Bulgarian dad and a Puerto Rican mom.  I was born in New York City but grew up in South Jersey.  When I was twenty-one I joined the Air Force and lived in a few different areas such as San Antonio, Monterey, CA, and last Baltimore, MD.  I’m a husband of ten years to my darling wife – Katie and a father of nine-year-old triplets – Brayden, Nicholas, and Riley.

I decided to start this business because I believe that I can do more than simply be a cog in a big organization’s machine.  My approach to leadership and marketing relies heavily on my own deep, faith-based convictions and the experience of working with people across various backgrounds and generations. People are incredibly important to me and I strive to serve them with everything I am. I believe that the younger generations (I consider myself Gen X) will continue to amaze us with their passion and ability.  They just need a gentle and loving hand to guide them through some of the realities of work and life.

Ultimately, I believe this business is about more than me or even my family.  My wife and I adopted our triplets out of the foster care system.  We would love to be able to use this business as a platform to grow the awareness of the need for more families to help kids in need.  The foster care system is overwhelmed and under-resourced.  There are a staggering number of kids who need loving families and the number is growing exponentially.  We help your business and our business helps kids in need.

Thanks and I look forward to working with you and your organization!

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